HAGE 3D-Printer

HAGE3D - the new dimension

The solid HAGE 3D printer solution for high-speed FDM rapid prototyping processes (fused deposition modeling) promises faithful reproduction of details and maximum precision

More space for accelerated processes

A printing chamber totalling 72 litres capacity is available for all kinds of print-outs. The HAGE3D 72l is also available in special sizes on request. Positioning accuracy up to 0.1mm ensures a precise three-dimensional impression.

Product information

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Exclusive distribution Central and South America

The HAGE3D 72L
    Versatile usage

    • From design and prototype, to presentation objects and functional parts
    • Allows for individual configurations
    • Flexible part sizes up to 620 x 400 x 290 mm
    Precision makes an impression

    • High quality of printing thanks to precision mechanical engineering – even at high speeds
    • Evenness of the printing surface reduces waste and increases print quality
    • Positioning accuracy up to 0.1mm (depending on printing speed
    Flexible printing

    • Low filament costs thanks to flexible choice of materials (no vendor lock-in)
    • Wide range of usable materials
    • Unlimited choice of control software
    Support & Service

    • Completely assembled, adjusted and put into operation on site (optional)
    • On-site printing advice and service (optional)
    HAGE 3D 72L is already widely used in:

      Contract manufacturing
      Medical engineering
    Good cooperation with renowned research institutes and numerous EU research projects guarantee constant further development of the HAGE 3D printer. Ongoing research projects focus not only on the general field of additive manufacturing, but also on pharmaceutical and medical contents. This includes the development of a 3D printing system for the intraoperative printing of cranial bone implants.

    From special purpose machines to 3D printers

    Whether inputs and visions come from the market, from customers or from employees: at HAGE, we review ideas regarding their potential and invest in their realization. For example, one of HAGE’s development engineers had the
    vision of designing a 3D printing system for industrial use. Today: The first series is successfully in use, and Europe-wide research projects are currently being conducted.

    A special thermo-panel for parts with a cross-sectional area of up to 620 x 400mm and a height of 290mm, fair value for money, as well as more than thirty years of experience in mechanical engineering make the HAGE 3D 72L what it is: a high-precision piece of equipment made in Austria.

    We get your plans ready for printing!

    Here at HAGE the innovative printers are producing custom parts for customers in a range of industries around the clock too. We get your plans ready for printing too and create special print-outs on request!

    Ausstellungsstücke (Material: PLA)
    Ausstellungsstück (Material: PLA)
    Vorrichtung (Material: M-ABS)
    Kleinteile Drohne (Material: M-ABS)
    Felsenbein Operationsvorbereitung (Material: ASA)
    Ausstellungsstück (Material: PLA)
    Kotflügel lackiert (Material: PLA)
    Prototyp (Material: PC)
    Modell - Intraoperativer Druck von Schädelimplantaten
    Ausstellungsstück (Material: PLA)
    Prototyp (Material: ASA)
    Ausstellungsstücke (Material: PLA)