Successful journey into space

HAGE continues on its successful journey into space

Extraordinary quality standards and high reliability are two of the prerequisites that qualify a company for creating production plants and high-end solutions for the space industry. Thanks to innovation and high technology, HAGE has successfully positioned itself at the challenging pinnacle of space technology.

MT Aerospace relies on HAGEmatic FSW

MT Aerospace, the German aerospace specialist from Augsburg, signed a multi-million contract with HAGE for the supply of a custom HAGEmatic for precision work on the Bulhead of Ariane6, a rocket of the European Space Agency ESA. MT Aerospace’s reasons for choosing quality from Obdach, were the effectiveness of our family business, the successful application of visualized machine concepts in the quote and consulting phase, as well as the integration of the innovative technology of Friction Stir Welding (FSW).

Proof for HAGE automatization specialists’ high performance, meeting exceptional requirements of aerospace technology, was rendered when a second order was placed with HAGE. While the first custom machine is transitioning to assembly, we recently embarked on the development of a second HAGEmatic plant. The HAGEmatic FSW-S23, with a special machining head for milling and friction stir welding processes, will get the upper stage tanks of the Ariane6 into shape.

Russian Space Agency confides in HAGEmatic’s FSW competence

The Russian Space Agency paid the HAGE team a visit to convince themselves of the quality of Styrian high tech plants and evaluate future projects.

The HAGE team is delighted to take on new high-tech challenges in the supreme discipline of space technology.