HAGE Special machines

Hage Special


One-off processing systems, equipped with the latest technologies, economical in use – HAGE Special systems can be the answer for any mechanical production process.

Beyond our product lines HAGE Matic, HAGE Cut and HAGE FSW there are many fields of production in which our automation expertise is a game winner. Our strength lies in the combination of different processing technologies into complex production systems. We develop completely individual solutions for our customers, combining our experience from 40 years of making machines with the spirit of invention. We provide turnkey solutions in which every aspect is carefully thought through: from design through in-house fabrication, assembly, control technology and commissioning – anywhere in the world.

HAGE Special production line for crashboxes

HAGE Special production line for fully automated fabrication of crash boxes.

HAGE special-purpose machines and plants

are in use worldwide

Our reference projects range from interlinked production lines for vehicle bumpers and crash boxes to fabrication of steel plant parts and tools.

      manufacturing stations:
      • Welding cell for chassis parts
      • Laser cutting and welding centre
      • Vacuum clamping bed
      • Drilling station for cogs
      • Tilting engine test bed
      processing centres:
      • Processing centre for freewheel pawls
      • Processing centre for gearbox housings
      • Production line for floor props
      • Torsion arm processing centre
      interlinked production lines: