building of special-purpose machines

Machine building
& toolmaking

HAGE’s strength lies in many years of developing special-purpose machines that often combine different technologies. 

This has given us a deep knowledge base that enables us to tackle new challenges. A particular area of expertise is toolmaking and construction of clamping systems. Tools and clamping systems are essential parts of any complete and well-designed production system.

assembly of machines



customized clamping systems

Clamping systems to hold workpieces are an essential part of many machine concepts. High-quality, precise processing is only possible if the workpiece is precisely positioned and adequately supported. Loading of workpieces into clamping systems, and unloading, can be fully manual, fully automatic or semiautomatic.

  • High system rigidity
  • Clamping system as a machine in itself
  • Connection to the machine control system
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical positioning and fixing technology
  • Design individually optimized to achieve the necessary tolerances
  • Optimized removal of swarf


Special tools have always been a key feature of many HAGE machines. For example, a production line for crash boxes can be equipped with a set of up to 100 different tools. Based on our years of experience and understanding of innovative technologies, HAGE experts develop, design and make top quality shaping and punching tools for steel and aluminium alloys. Making full use of our state-of-the-art machines, we produce precise tools that deliver minimal tolerances over long service lives.

We can also supply customized tools as standalone products, for example for specific stretch-bending and punching operations.


Since 1982 we’ve produced and machined mechanical components of all kinds with the utmost precision.