Friction Stir Welding - HAGE solutions


Reliable, process-compatible welding technology for lightweight construction

The FSW welding process creates very high-quality joints between parts made of aluminium alloys and mixed materials. It is sufficiently reliable for use as a routine, automated process and plays a key role in lightweight construction of rail and road vehicles, aeroplanes, space vehicles and ships, as well as in construction of industrial plant.

HAGE FSW solutions are based on a basic portfolio of machine concepts that are designed to optimize the welding process. The FSW machines are customized to meet individual customers’ needs and can be made in column or gantry configurations. HAGE machine designs focus on achieving very high rigidity and perfect clamping systems.

FSW aluminium

HAGE FSW machines creats very high-quality joints between aluminium parts.


In every project that we take on for our customers, our ambition is to achieve a process that yields precisely dimensioned workpieces and excellent welding. HAGE FSW experts support you from initial consultations through whatever experiments and feasibility studies may be needed. Our in-house pilot plant is available for testing and development work, and production of initial sample pieces.

HAGE FSW technology centre

for development, demonstration and contract manufacturing
Range of travel: 20 m x 3 m x 1,6 m


HAGE FSW Weldcheck

Process Control 

HAGE FSW WeldCheck is a real-time weld quality monitoring system. It was specially developed to be compatible with the mechanical design of HAGE FSW machines and to accurately detect the quality-relevant aspects of the welding process.

The data are analysed in real time and deviations from optimal welding conditions can be immediately fed back as corrective adjustments into the machine control system, via a bidirectional communication interface.

  • Online process monitoring and error analysis
  • Geometric monitoring as a quality factor and for process optimisation
  • Real-time visualisation of the measured parameters
  • Unique identification of all welds
  • Fully automatic generation of post-processor data
  • Raw data saved for offline viewing and analysis
  • Analysis using standards-based rules
  • Archivable document generated for long-term storage and quality assurance


weld quality monitoring system

Real-time process monitoring with HAGE WeldCheck.

Light use

The HAGE FSW Light Use was developed specially for the automotive industry and delivers perfect welding results.


  • Highly rigid, FEM-calculated machine frame design
  • Siemens 840Dsl or FANUC CNC, safety integrated
  • Force measurement system
  • Path and force control
  • Adjustable tilt angles (optionally also via an NC axis)
  • C axis for positioning the FSW spindle
  • Process monitoring using HAGE FSW WeldCheck


Range of travel
X-axis: up to 5,000 mm
Y-axis: up to 2,500 mm
Z-axis: up to 700 mm

Feed rate
X-axis: 5–40,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 5–40,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 5–30,000 mm/min
C-axis: up to 15°/s

Tilt angle
C-axis: 400° (+/– 200°)

Aluminium alloys - HAGE FSW Light Use

Medium use

The HAGE FSW Medium Use is a medium-sized 5-axis FSW machine for processing of large metal sections. It is also available as a hybrid version for milling and FSW. It has an integrated automatic tool changing system.

Aluminium alloys - HAGE FSW Medium Use


  • Highly rigid, FEM-calculated machine frame design
  • Hybrid version enables milling (with 5 NC axes) as well as welding
  • 5-sided processing (milling, drilling, thread cutting, saw cutting)
  • Process monitoring using HAGE FSW WeldCheck


Range of travel
X-axis: up to 80,000 mm
Y-axis: up to 6,000 mm
Z-axis: up to 2.000 mm

Feed rate
X-axis: 5–40,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 5–40,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 5–20,000 mm/min
A-axis: up to 60°/S
C-axis: up to 60°/S

Tilt angle
A-axis: 200° (+/– 100°)
C-axis: 400° (+/– 200°)

Heavy use

The HAGE FSW Heavy Use can weld aluminium alloy parts up to 35 mm thick. It is available in both gantry and column configurations. The machine design also allows the optional integration of full-function milling, by adding an additional milling head.


  • FSW Anlage with 7 NC axes (5 linear axes and 2 rotation axes)
  • Separate axes for pin and shoulder
  • Path-force control for both pin and shoulder
  • Measuring systems for all relevant process parameters
  • Self-reacting/bobbin tools
  • Inline 3D weld scanning
  • Automatic NC code generation for optimal deburring
  • Process monitoring using HAGE FSW WeldCheck


Range of travel
X-axis: up to 80,000 mm
Y-axis: up to 6,000 mm
Z-axis: up to 2,000 mm

FSW main spindle (one example)
Speed: up to 1,500 rpm
Torque: 302 Nm
Max. axial force: 80 kN
Max. radial force: 30 kN

FSW feed rate: 
X-axis: 40,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 10,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 10,000 mm/min
A-axis: 3°/s
C-axis: 10°/s

Milling feed rate
X-axis: 40,000 mm/min
Y-axis: 40,000 mm/min
Z-axis: 20,000 mm/min
A-axis: 60°/s
C-axis: 60°/s

Aluminium alloys - HAGE FSW Heavy Use

Flexible use

HAGE FSW Flexible Use special solutions offer the highest level of customization in this machine series.

Flexible Use - Rendering

HAGE FSW Flexible Use machines can be integrated into automated production lines. To increase production rates, the loading and unloading of the workpieces can be automated, via feed and unloading buffers or with unloading into transport containers. If you use raw materials that come with larger tolerances than the final product, calibration and trimming steps (saw cutting/milling) can be included so that they enter the FSW station with optimal dimensions and alignment.

If there is an urgent need to reduce cycle times, it is possible to make a machine with multiple FSW heads that work simultaneously. This can substantially reduce the time needed for welding.

HAGE FSW Weldgun

Friction Stir Spot Welding

FSW can be used not only for linear welds but also for spot welding (Friction Stir Spot Welding, FSSW). The HAGE FSW WeldGun is our spot welding appliance.

The FSW WeldGun can be set up as a stationary machine or as a moveable attachment on robots. It is often used for spot welding vehicle chassis parts, but another application is indirect/step welds. In this case the weld can be placed on the inside of the workpiece, so that the visible surface remains completely untouched.


Max. axial force: 8 kN
Maximum gun opening: 150 mm
Speed: 3.500 U/min
Welding time: 2–3 s per spot
Total weight: 80 kg


Friction stir spot welding (FSSW) with the HAGE FSW WeldGun.