special-purpose machines for rail vehicles

Rail vehicles

HAGE special-purpose machines for railways

Driven by trends in society such as urbanization and energy efficiency – leading to the need for lightweight construction – the rail industry is faced with new structural challenges. For lightweight construction, aluminium alloys have proven to be an excellent material. Aluminium also becomes relevant for components that are critical for stiffness and crash performance, provided sufficiently high mechanical strength can be achieved while saving weight at the same time; high-performance fabrication methods such as FSW can make this possible. The HAGE FSW processing centres can carry out precision welding of parts up to 80 m long, while HAGE Matic gantry milling machines can work on complete car sidewalls or complete car bodies.


  • Engine bonnets
  • Panels
  • Main longitudinal beams
  • Floor assemblies
  • Sidewalls
applications of the HAGE soultion
special-purpose machines for the railway industry

FSW machine
for metro railcar components

FSW gantry processing centre with 6 axes for fabrication of subway train body parts.

Parts are processed alternately in each of two work stations. Welding forces of up to 130 kN can be applied. HAGE WeldCheck software is used to monitor the FSW process in real time and to analyse the relevant parameters.


  • Alternating processing in two work stations
  • 6xxx and 5xxx aluminium alloys
  • Max. weld depth 35 mm
  • Welding force max. 130 kN
  • Retractable-pin FSW head
  • Automatic tool changing system, includes multi-part FSW tools
  • Clamping system for forged aluminium parts
  • FSW process development
  • Process monitoring with HAGE WeldCheck
  • FSW certification

Gantry processing centre
for high-speed trains

A total of four HAGE gantry processing centres for high-speed trains were supplied to a customer in Russia.


Working envelope 
X-axis: 30 m
Y-axis: 5 m
Z-axis: 1.6 m
A-axis: 125° / 95°
C-axis: 450°

Spindle power: 85 kW
Spindle speed: 19.000 rpm
Tool holder: HSK A100
Control: Siemens 840D sl


The large 5-axis gantry milling centres are used to shape bonnets, roof panels, sidewalls, and floor assembies to 0.1-mm tolerances. The parts are subsequently welded together to form high-speed train bodies. The workpieces, which are up to 30 m long, are held in universal clamping systems that were supplied with the machines.