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HAGE Sondermaschinenbau


The automation specialists of HAGE have been developing and building impressive high-tech machines since 1982. Highlights of our product range are the machines for processing very large workpieces in aluminium and steel, and friction stir welding machines; both are in steady demand from customers who need these special processes. Brothers Stefan and Florian are the second generation of their family to lead the company together with Peter Freigassner-Sanchez, now with around 130 employees.

Every project is a brand-new challenge. We create highly individual machines to meet our customers’ needs exactly – and in line with the newest standards of technology. When it comes to innovation, we are always willing to try things others don't do. We stay true to our full-service philosophy and make sure we have full control over every aspect of a project. Our services cover every step from design of the machines, through production, assembly, installation, service and maintenance – anywhere in the world.

Florian Hampel, Stefan Hampel and Peter Freigassner-Sanchez

Left to right: Florian Hampel (Commercial Manager), Stefan Hampel (General Manager) and Peter Freigassner-Sanchez (Technical Manager)

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Stefan Hampel, General Manager



From small beginnings in an old school building, HAGE has grown into a real success story. At first, in 1982, the work consisted mostly of contract manufacturing jobs. But Gerfried Hampel had a vision: The company should be a fully independent manufacturer of complete special-purpose machines.  

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Over the last 40 years HAGE has grown to become a successful international company. There are HAGE machines behind many products of the automotive industry, the railway industry, the construction industry and space flight. They are being used to make car bumpers in China, parts for high-speed rail carriages in Austria and Switzerland, bends for pipelines in Saudi Arabia and tanks for rockets in Germany.

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We turn creative ideas into reality through automation of work processes. With our technical know-how we guarantee goal-oriented implementation of projects. We secure your competitive advantage with visionary and innovative machine concepts. We deliver bespoke solutions as a ‘one stop shop’ that take account of economic and ecological imperatives.


Behind the success of HAGE are Gerfried Hampel, his vision, his family and a strong team. Founded in 1982 as a contract manufacturer, HAGE has developed into a manufacturer of special machines with an outstanding reputation.

Gerfried Hampel founded HAGE 1982