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Professional handling of large projects is only possible with a competent and dependable team. At HAGE, more than 130 dedicated minds (and pairs of hands) are hard at work developing, manufacturing and assembling bespoke special-purpose machines for respected names in many different industries all around the world.

This kind of specialist machine building absolutely depends on highly qualified and creative people. From the very beginning HAGE has made excellence in training apprentices a key part of its strategy. “It's the know-how at every level of our team that is our big strength. It’s an incredible wealth of experience that has built up” – says Florian Hampel, commercial director.

picture of the HAGE team

The know-how at every level of the team is the big strength of HAGE.

HAGEfit day 2018

Investing in a
healthy team

Healthy employees,
the key to success

To make machines with top performance, we need our employees to be in top form too. So we have to make sure they have a healthy work environment. In 2011 we started our company health programme HAGEfit. It’s become an integral part of our philosophy.




Competence grows with experience: One in four HAGE employees has already been with the company for more than 20 years. 


Average age

Competence needs all ages: Innovative services aiming for perfection need new ways of looking at things and also solid experience. At HAGE we have a good mix of ages. The average age of our employees is 34.



Competence comes from learning: Training apprentices is a big thing at HAGE. In 38 years, we have trained more than 100 apprentices. 



Competence from a motivated team: We spend a third of each day at work. A healthy and motivating work environment is essential for job satisfaction. The employee survey confirms: 90 % of our employees are proud to work for HAGE.